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Child protection in sports

Our training and consulting project is a vehicle for advising and educating sports clubs and organisations about child protection in Germany and worldwide.

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Safeguard children against violence in sports

With your support, children and teens who attend sports clubs can grow up safe from harm and consequently harness opportunities to develop into robust individuals and to their full potential.

    €1,000 in donations
    One day of training at a club or organisation
    Staff and young people in sports clubs learn more about child protection
    Providing a social safety net for children and young people (SDG 4)

How we get there

Our work with every sports club or organisation starts by drafting a team of young people and adults. We train and advise the team, partner with them to create a customized child protection system and ensure its lasting effect. The team then shares the learnings throughout the club. In this process, we focus on the following questions: Which areas of club life potentially present a risk? What potential for developing child safeguards is on hand? To fully develop and roll out a system of child safeguards costs between €6,000 and €30,000 for each organisation or club. In this way, we put in place 360-degree processes and measures to protect children and young people in the long term.

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Impact objectives

We want to achieve these impact objectives with you.

  • Safeguarding children and teens in sports clubs from all forms of violence
  • Harnessing clubs’ potential as social gathering places to empower young people
  • Helping kids and teens actively commit to non-violent interaction at clubs
  • Sensitizing adults about the need for child protection and training them to implement concrete measures
  • Establishing a nationwide safety net essential to protecting children in Germany

About the organisation

We are active as part of a global movement committed to ensuring that society as a whole meets its responsibilities in providing children with an education, protecting them from violence and economic exploitation in addition to securing their right to participate in society. In taking our cue from these four children’s rights, we aim to help shape the most pressing issues of today and tomorrow. We support projects initiated at grassroots level and conduct programs for especially disadvantaged children. In this way, we foster more equitable living conditions that take people and the environment equally into consideration. This includes partnering with others to assist during and after humanitarian disasters. Thanks to collaborations around the world, we not only learn from other organisations that work with and for children but, in turn, also share our expertise through training and consultation. Through our advocacy work, political campaigns as well as educational and public relations work focusing on development policies, we lobby officials and decision makers at a local and global level to uphold children’s rights. To this end, we cooperate closely with our partners as well as in alliances and networks. By extension, we want to enable people to support our cause either financially or through sponsorships and volunteering.

Sustainable Development Goals

Child protection in sports contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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