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Surf's Up Germany

Surf’s Up Germany uses surfing and exercise to help young people grow as individuals.

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Provide opportunities for young people to participate in society – and self-confidence in waves

Surf’s Up Germany boosts participants’ self-efficacy and develops their social skills and environmental awareness. In this way, we help young people foster their talents, reach their full potential and embark on self-determined, healthy and sustainable lives.

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    One young person gets to participate in the program’s social skills module
    Improved social skills
    Less inequality (SDG 10)

How we get there

Comprising several phases, the program starts off with six months of weekly preparatory training covering five sports-related modules, one environmental education and one social skills module. Sports are selected – e.g. swimming, slacklining, surf skating and stand-up paddling – that tie in with surfing. Small groups of 8–12 kids receive preparatory training under the guidance of an educator as well as qualified instructors. They then join other groups on a seven-day surf camp at the North Sea. In this way, participants make new friends and go surfing together every day. Exploring the natural world around them, a beach cleanup and other recreational activities round out the stay.

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Impact objectives

We want to achieve these impact objectives with you.

  • Fostering personal development and better opportunities for social participation
  • Reducing stress levels while improving physical and mental wellbeing
  • Enhancing sensitivity to environmental issues and the power to act
  • Cultivating appropriate behavior within social groups

About the organisation

The work of wirmachenwelle e.V. (we make waves) revolves around young people with all their dreams and potential. Being physically active outdoors in nature not only enhances their sense of wellbeing but also offers lasting benefits in terms of developing personal resources and social skills.

Siblings Sebastian and Johanna Steudtner founded wirmachenwelle e.V. in 2017 to pursue a cause they are passionate about – giving kids and teens who face major challenges an opportunity to enjoy the beneficial effects of surfing.

wirmachenwelle e.V. is currently rolling out several sports and experiential education projects that combine sports, the outdoors and instruction as well as therapy. These are run both in urban areas and in nature. We partner with youth welfare institutions and schools in problem neighborhoods or those where more social support is needed. On top of that, a program open to anyone and everyone is being offered in the Berlin borough of Lichtenberg starting in the fall of 2021.

Sustainable Development Goals

Surf's Up Germany contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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