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Soup Kitchen

In order to provide all needy people with at least one hot meal a day, the Nürnberger Tafel (Nuremberg table) non-profit organisation wants to set up a soup kitchen.

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Provide hot meals for the needy

With your help, we plan to build warehousing, offices and a canteen to ensure needy people receive one hot meal a day.

    €2 donation
    One hot meal for one person
    Satisfying the basic human need for food
    Reducing hunger in Nuremberg (SDG 2)

How we get there

The soup kitchen supplies needy people with a hot meal as well as a care package to provide for the remaining two meals of the day. We aim to provide visitors with a healthy, balanced diet and toiletries. In addition to ensuring people are fed, we also encourage social interaction between visitors through group activities such as communal cooking, handicrafts and playing music.

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Impact objectives

We want to achieve these impact objectives with you.

  • Facilitating access to healthy, balanced meals
  • Providing toiletry sets
  • Organizing group activities
  • Improving needy people’s quality of life

About the organisation

Our work focuses on collecting surplus food that is still safe for human consumption under German law, together with other everyday items, and making these available to those in need. No food is purchased and it is either supplied free of charge or for a token fee. Despite their different ideological, religious, professional or personal motives, our volunteers are committed to serving a humanitarian cause and strive to improve the quality of life of socially and economically disadvantaged people. In this way, we ensure those on the margins of society are seen and heard. As many as 200 volunteers give of their time to the Nürnberger Tafel, collecting some 3.5 tons of food each day and distributing it to more than 6,000 needy people. Nürnberger Tafel is a nonpartisan and non-denominational organization.

Sustainable Development Goals

Soup Kitchen contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Nürnberger Tafel

Nürnberger Tafel has been fighting hunger in Nuremberg for many years. Do you know for how long?

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