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Sit 'n' Skate

SIT 'N' SKATE offers free skate courses for children and young people in wheelchairs. They learn the skills needed to skate independently and safely in a wheelchair during the courses - whether in everyday life or in the skate park.

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Boost the mobility and participation of young wheelchair users

With your support, we can regularly offer free skating courses for children and young people in wheelchairs to pave their way to an active and self-determined life. Through our training, they learn to control their wheelchairs more easily, which significantly increases their range of mobility.

    €15 donation
    1 hour skating lesson for a child
    Better control of the wheelchair
    Less inequalities (SDG 10)

How we get there

Our SIT 'N' SKATE trainings teach specific skills that children and young people need to be able to move independently in the skate park. This is a playful way for them to improve their wheelchair control. Along the way, they learn how to deal with edges, slopes and curves. This experience makes them fit for everyday life. At the same time, the children and young people learn that even "professionals" have to practice and that not everything works straight away. The trainers, wheelchair users themselves, immediately identify if support is needed and provide targeted assistance. In addition to the training sessions, we have regular meetings for the local wheelchair skating community. These meetings are very important, especially for the parents, as an opportunity for self-help and interaction.

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Impact objectives

We want to achieve these impact objectives with you.

  • Improving wheelchair control
  • Boosting self-confidence
  • Enhancing mental/physical health
  • Creating new touch points within the skating community

About the organisation

The charitable SUPR SPORTS GmbH was founded 2017 in Hamburg and is working towards a better society through sports with a team of four employees. We strengthen the "sports4change" sector in Germany by knowledge transfer and bringing networks together. Our services enable social sports organisations to act more impactful and sustainable. This way, we contribute to a better society - healthier, more equitable and free of violence. SUPR SPORTS' services include the following: Expert articles, good-practices and networking offers on suprsports.org, the leading German website in the "sports4change" sector; Subsidy options, expertise, events and jobs in our weekly newsletter for the "sports4change" sector; New impulses and exchange in our digital networking format MEET & TALK together with varying partners; Our incubator: a "talent factory" for innovative sports projects, wherein we cooperate on structures, processes and financing. In 2020, SIT'N'SKATE was accepted into the incubator. Other projects are to follow soon.

Sustainable Development Goals

Sit 'n' Skate contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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