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MitternachtsSport uses sport and sporting role models to foster key values, such as respect, tolerance and fairness, in young people living in Berlin’s Spandau borough.

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Help young people grow up healthy through sport

We pull together to give young people in Berlin’s Spandau borough a better life. In youth cafés during the day and in the gym at night, our free, daily sports, leisure and educational activities facilitate their social integration and participation in society.

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    One child enjoys the MitternachtsSport program for a day
    The child experiences education, interacts with peers and participates in sports
    Increasing social participation and self-determination among the youth (SDG 10)

How we get there

At MitternachtsSport, fair play and social education go together hand in glove. Coaches not only supervise evening events at the gyms but are also always happy to chat with participants who want to talk or need advice. They pick up on what’s bothering the youngsters and put measures in place to support them beyond the sports program and gym. Big Brothers, who act as role models from the neighborhood, are a big part of what we do and provide a moral compass for the kids. Often, the kids who kick a ball around in the evening at the gym turn up again at our two youth cafés. These are safe, welcoming places where young people can meet up, hang out, get advice and learn. Our cafés’ doors are open almost every day to all those looking to escape boredom on the street. Instead, visitors can meet new people and take part in supervised educational activities revolving around everything that excites kids.

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Impact objectives

We want to achieve these impact objectives with you.

  • Preventive release of pent-up aggression
  • Facilitating social integration and participation
  • Stimulating interest in education and showing how much fun it can be
  • Building physical and mental health

About the organisation

As an accredited, non-profit youth welfare organization, MitternachtsSport e.V. has been helping young people since 2008. Through our free daily sports, leisure and educational activities, we help Spandau’s adolescents to integrate and participate in society. We get a helping hand from Big Brothers – like pro footballer Jordan Torunarigha who plays for Bundesliga side Hertha BSC Berlin – people who understand what everyday life is like for these kids, having walked in their shoes. Big Brothers are role models who act as a moral compass by exemplifying our key principles: respect, tolerance and fairness. Our educational team comprising full-time staff and volunteers works to build a society where every child and young person receives all the encouragement and opportunities they need to grow up healthy and active. Our formula for change is respect, trust and communication. We believe all young people, irrespective of their origins, cultural background or personal challenges, deserve equal opportunities to grow and reach their full potential. This is what we offer at MitternachtsSport and many take us up on it.

Sustainable Development Goals

MitternachtsSport contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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