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Bunter Ball

Sports education project "Bunter Ball" (brightly colored ball) is dedicated to advancing elementary school children’s personal development and teaching them the value of diversity.

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Help kids develop social-emotional skills

With your support, we ensure children have more equal educational opportunities, promote their health and teach them to spread tolerance and respect for others in a multicultural society.

    €8 donation
    Bunter Ball takes on a child
    The child gains improved social-emotional skills
    Less inequality (SDG 10)

How we get there

Thanks to its weekly sports education working groups, the Bunter Ball project holds children’s hands throughout elementary school. Every working group follows a fixed routine: A warm-up gets the kids moving and helps them open up about their feelings. The majority of the time is devoted to growing their emotional, social and intercultural skills through purpose-designed physical exercises. To wrap up, we reflect as a group on what we have learned and give the children space to engage in undirected play. In this way, we create a warm, safe environment that is not only conducive to play and learning but also creates a variety of opportunities for participation.

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Impact objectives

We want to achieve these impact objectives with you.

  • Reducing antisocial and discriminatory behavior
  • Minimizing social stratification
  • Improving mental & physical health
  • Building emotional and social skills

About the organisation

Childhood memories stay with us for the rest of our lives, starting with the protection and love we receive from our parents which builds self-confidence. Then, moving out into the world, positive experiences of other cultures, religions and ethnicities teach us lasting lessons about the value of diversity. Nonviolence and respect across class divides further support our learning processes and teach us empathy. 

As simple and sensible as all that sounds, it’s sadly not the reality for many children. Antisocial behavior as well as discrimination, particularly for reasons of ethnicity and religion, remain widespread in elementary schools. And that’s not all. Statistically speaking, one to two children in every school class are victims of abuse. 

To change this, we set up In safe hands e.V. in 2015. As a social start-up dedicated to learning, we pursue a clear vision while continually evolving through interaction with our environment. Focusing on elementary school children, we aim to equip them to forge tomorrow’s inclusive, intercultural and sustainable society. To that end, we provide them with safe spaces where they are free to develop as individuals and unleash their potential.

Sustainable Development Goals

Bunter Ball contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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