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Bike & Belong

We love cycling. That’s why we use bikes to empower women by putting them on the move toward new relationships and better things. It’s our way of fostering social and spatial mobility, a sense of community and a better world.

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Help foster a sense of community through cycling

We provide a judgment-free space for our participants to engage in dialogue about their personal perceptions as well as different experiences of life and world views. This process helps break down prejudices and social barriers, instead building bridges so that participants become role models for diversity.

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    Creating a space for encounters, movement and interaction
    Harmonious and inclusive societies (SDG 16)

How we get there

Since its launch in 2016, our Bike & Belong project has harnessed cycling as a low-threshold pastime to bring together primarily women and girls from immigrant and refugee backgrounds with their counterparts in the local population to share in the joy of movement and each other’s company. Over an eight-week period, a Bike & Belong cohort comprising about ten participants learns how to ride a bike and more under the guidance of 10 female volunteer instructors. The concept encompasses cycling principles and practice, excursions and picnics as well as various workshops, for example, theory and bike repair. Components of the weekly course include short language lessons, sports matches and experiential learning as well as a weekly open practice session, to name but a few.

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Impact objectives

We want to achieve these impact objectives with you.

  • Social and spatial mobility
  • Empowerment
  • Promoting health and social engagement
  • Fostering social participation and cohesion

About the organisation

Shahrzad Enderle came up with the idea for Bike Bridge after she visited a social housing project for refugees in Freiburg, Germany, in 2015 and noticed that there were no women on the grounds. The courtyard was used almost exclusively by men and children to play football or basketball, for instance. Chatting with female residents inspired her to develop a project that would help this target group achieve greater mobility and forge social contacts while having fun. The result was a cycling initiative.

Founded in December 2017 as an independent, registered, non-profit association, Bike Bridge e.V. evolved out of the initial project. The association is dedicated to fostering integration, inclusion, social interaction, as well as health and networking, among other things. With a view to strengthening social cohesion, it acts as a bridge between locals and people from immigrant or refugee communities. To this end, the organisation focuses on women and girls from immigrant and refugee backgrounds and their counterparts in the local population. Starting in 2016, the Bike & Belong project has continued to evolve its use of cycling as a low-threshold pastime to bring these groups of people together though shared experiences, activities and exchanges.

Sustainable Development Goals

Bike & Belong contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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