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Arche Herzensbrücken

The Arche Herzensbrücken (heart’s ease ark) non-profit organisation helps families with seriously ill children and teens to enjoy an affordable vacation together. Affected families can rest, recover and recharge their batteries at a family-run hotel in Seefeld, Tyrol, Austria.

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Help families with seriously ill children enjoy a slice of normality

We give the families of children diagnosed with serious, chronic or life-limiting diseases a chance to get away together. At the Arche Herzensbrücken retreat, parents, siblings and sick children find a haven where they can take a breather and recharge their batteries before returning to the very real challenges of their daily lives.

    €35 donation
    One therapy unit (e.g. painting, music or animal-assisted therapy)
    Providing access to resources as well as an outlet and coping mechanism for worries and fears
    Ensuring a lasting improvement to family members’ health and wellbeing (SDG 3)

How we get there

Whenever and wherever a family receives the diagnosis, coming to terms with a child’s serious illness pushes parents and siblings to their physical and mental limits. Our nursing care not only takes a load off parents and provides some breathing space but also also allows parents, who otherwise could not leave the sick child’s side, to spend uninterrupted periods with their partner and other children for the first time. Thanks to our therapeutic services, families have access to resources, in addition to an outlet and coping mechanisms for their worries and fears. Our multidiscipinary team spanning qualified psychologists, psychotherapists, educators, hospice carers and volunteers provides the family with sensitive guidance and support to navigate the inescapable presence of illness and death as well as the need to say goodbye and mourn.

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Impact objectives

We want to achieve these impact objectives with you.

  • Reducing the entire family’s stress levels and building resilience
  • Alleviating the sick child’s symptoms
  • Minimizing parents’ health risks and preventing burnout
  • Psychologically stabilizing siblings and preventing developmental disorders

About the organisation

When a child is diagnosed with a life-threatening or life-limiting disease, their whole family’s life is turned upside down. Caring for a sick child pushes parents and siblings to their physical and mental limits. Burnout, depression and chronic exhaustion are often the result. Since the parents’ relationship takes a back seat, seven out of ten couples separate within the first five years. Siblings do not have it any easier. On a day-to-day basis, they are not only constantly sidelined and may even have to take on caring for the sick child, but are also severely traumatized in case of their sibling’s death. Unless the entire family makes a concerted effort to pull together, the challenges of a serious illness can feel insurmountable. Experts agree that shared periods of rest and relaxing breaks can benefit the family as a whole. Since conventional accommodations such as hotels lack the appropriate infrastructure and professional medical care, families are left without any real options, especially as there are no state-subsidized facilities.

Sustainable Development Goals

Arche Herzensbrücken contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Arche Herzensbrücken

Hotel Solstein cares for severely ill children and their families. How well do you know the project?

Arche Herzensbrücken
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Arche Herzensbrücken

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