"Die Mannschaft" foundation

Our guiding principles

We believe that our privileged position comes with a special responsibility to champion those less fortunate who need our help. We enjoy so many people’s support on the field that we hope to do the same for them off it. The world can be a good place if we give our all to make it that way – and if we all play our part.

This is a long-term commitment for us – the players who currently wear the national colors and those who come after us. Established in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our foundation is an umbrella organisation for our social activities and a beacon for diversity in the team today and tomorrow. Our foundation is devoted to Article 25 of the Universal Human Rights Declaration, which grants every human being the right to a decent standard of living, and we work to make that a reality.

Our cause

We want to reach out to people in need wherever help is required. That is why we have intentionally defined our foundation’s purpose in broad terms and aim to identify challenges, bring deficiencies to light and confront them head on. With that in mind, we are committed to driving improvements in six areas:

  • Caring for the youth and elderly
  • Schooling, adult education and job training
  • Protecting nature and the environment
  • Sport and health
  • Civic participation
  • Charitable objectives

Our activities

During the 2020 UEFA European Championships, we are supporting three social projects on elevaide that help people claim their right to a decent standard of living. We directly fund each of these projects to the value of at least €25,000. What’s more, we act as project sponsors. That means we provide a total of €10,000 for each initiative, which you supporters can cash out by donating their Impact Points. All you have to do is get to grips with the content on elevaide or share the projects with your friends.

EURO 2020

"Die Mannschaft" foundation is supporting these projects during the 2020 UEFA European Championships:

  • Die Mannschaft supports this project
    Supported organisation: Nürnberger Tafel

    Soup Kitchen

    Die Mannschaft × Nürnberger Tafel
  • Die Mannschaft supports this project
    Supported organisation: Bahnhofsmission München

    365 – 24/7

    Die Mannschaft × Bahnhofsmission München

Let’s do this together

Here’s how you can play your part:

  • Share

    Tell your friends and share the projects on social media

  • Donate money

    Support our projects with a monetary donation

  • Donate Impact Points

    Collect impact points and donate them on the project pages

Prove your smarts

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"Die Mannschaft" foundation

Recognizing responsibility, taking responsibility: that's DFB's "Die Mannschaft" foundation.

"Die Mannschaft" foundation
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"Die Mannschaft" foundation

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