The Frankfurt Book Fair Literacy Campaign, or LitCam for short, is an international network of organizations that lobbies for basic education and literacy. Taking a three-pronged approach that combines football, language and culture, the “Fußball trifft Kultur” (football meets culture – FtK) educational program promotes opportunities for kids in third to sixth grade from disadvantaged neighborhoods.

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Our vision is a functioning society that ensures every individual receives the education necessary to enjoy a successful life. By imparting academic and social skills to disadvantaged children and teens, we aim to provide the youth with equal educational opportunites and foster their social integration.

LitCam contributes to these Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs are international goals of the United Nations for a better and more sustainable future.

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About us

LitCam believes in educational equity and inclusivity. Although we launched our “Fußball trifft Kultur” program in 2007, not much has changed today, with almost 20 percent of 15-year-olds unable to read and write properly. That’s not good enough, which is why we continue striving to bring about change. Our idea is to use sport and fun, by combining football, remedial tuition and cultural events in order to motivate kids to establish learning habits early in their education. The concept took off and today we’ve partnered with 20 German Bundesliga clubs, allowing us to serve 700 kids at 32 locations in 20 cities. All of our sites follow the same program: Twenty-four kids from schools in disadvantaged neighborhoods in the 3rd–6th grades spend one half-time period in the twice weekly program with youth coaches from the local German Bundesliga club and the other half-time period receiving remedial tuition (usually German language lessons). What’s more, we also stage cultural events. The highlight of each school year is the big “Fußball trifft Kultur” tournament in which teams from all program locations compete. Extending over two school years, the program helps kids build self-confidence, become more structured, learn more easily and benefit from positive social interaction through teamwork. As a result, we see that children from immigrant or refugee backgrounds integrate better into society. As the cherry on top, we have helped discover new footballing talents. Yussuf, for instance, from our Duisburg FtK group is now a youth player at the Fortuna Düsseldorf academy. Starting in 2012, the DFL Foundation stepped up as our national cooperation partner.

Impact objectives

We want to achieve these impact objectives with you.

  • Giving kids recognition, self-confidence and a love of learning
  • Improving health through physical and mental fitness
  • Boosting social skills and the ability to work in a team
  • Increasing equal opportunities through higher quality education

Our Projects

We want to change the world together with you and the following projects!


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