Kindernothilfe e.V.

Kindernothilfe (Help for children in need) has been defending the rights of children worldwide for over 60 years. We work to protect children, ensure their safety and basic rights as well as encourage their development and participation in society.

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Give every child a voice that gets heard. Because every child has the potential to change our world. Children deserve a chance at a fair future and the freedom to develop their identities. To achieve this and safeguard their rights, we engage with kids in their environment and work to improve their lives.

Kindernothilfe e.V. contributes to these Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs are international goals of the United Nations for a better and more sustainable future.

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About us

We are active as part of a global movement committed to ensuring that society as a whole meets its responsibilities in providing children with an education, protecting them from violence and economic exploitation in addition to securing their right to participate in society. In taking our cue from these four children’s rights, we aim to help shape the most pressing issues of today and tomorrow. We support projects initiated at grassroots level and conduct programs for especially disadvantaged children. In this way, we foster more equitable living conditions that take people and the environment equally into consideration. This includes partnering with others to assist during and after humanitarian disasters. Thanks to collaborations around the world, we not only learn from other organisations that work with and for children but, in turn, also share our expertise through training and consultation. Through our advocacy work, political campaigns as well as educational and public relations work focusing on development policies, we lobby officials and decision makers at a local and global level to uphold children’s rights. To this end, we cooperate closely with our partners as well as in alliances and networks. By extension, we want to enable people to support our cause either financially or through sponsorships and volunteering.

Impact objectives

We want to achieve these impact objectives with you.

  • Reducing poverty, hunger and disadvantage, while cultivating good health and wellbeing in order to empower children and teens
  • Giving children and young people a voice by helping them participate in shaping decisions and processes
  • Improving access to education for girls and boys as well as working children and those fleeing their homes
  • Protecting children and teens from all forms of violence
  • Promoting independence, equality and self-determination for women and girls
  • Advancing positive and sustainable structural change in upholding children’s rights

Our Projects

We want to change the world together with you and the following projects!

You can trust us

elevaide checks every participating organisation for quality and transparency criteria. Here you can see what we stand for:

  • Transparency International Deutschland

    Transparency International is a global network leading the fight against corruption including more than 100 established national chapters.

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  • Annual/impact report

    Analysis of the activities, impacts and assessment of the recent year

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Together we can achieve more.

elevaide thrives on strong partnerships. Whether you are an athlete, an organisation or a sponsor, you too can play your part in making the world a better place. If you want to help, then get in touch. We will find exactly the right way for you. Become part of something big.