Impact Points

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How you can make a difference with elevaide

There are lots of ways you can make the world a better place without elevaide, such as donating blood, reducing your consumption or doing volunteer work for a charity organization, to name but a few. But at elevaide, there are basically two ways to make an active contribution to projects: monetary or Impact Points donations.

Donating money is pretty straightforward – you transfer a sum to us and we direct it in full to your chosen project. Only the cost of processing the payment is deducted. Rest assured that we at elevaide do not – nor will we ever – hold on to a single cent of your donations.

Stepping up with Impact Points is also really simple. You invest a little of your time and energy in elevaide and we partner with sponsors to turn your work into financial support for projects. Read on to find out exactly how that works.

What are Impact Points?

The moment you create an elevaide account, you start earning Impact Points. You will receive different amounts of Impact Points when you interact in various ways with elevaide. The best way to explain it is with a few examples.

If you take one of our quizzes and answer all the questions correctly, you’ll bank at least 50 Impact Points as a reward.
Subscribing to a newsletter earns you 25 Impact Points.
And if you use a project’s share button to spread the word and a new user registers with elevaide, you earn an extra 50 Impact Points on your account.

For a full list of the ways you can grow your Impact Points, go to the bottom of this page.

How am I helping by earning Impact Points?

The Impact Points you collect can be donated to certain projects. To do so, it’s essential that the project in question has at least one sponsor who will convert your Impact Points into a monetary donation. Here’s how:

  • A partner commits to supporting a project.
  • Users (that’s you!) can donate Impact Points on the project page.
  • A hundred Impact Points are equivalent to a 1 EUR donation.
  • Impact Points donations are instantly credited to the project total.

Once partners have chosen whether to act as a project or SDG sponsor, they set a budget, which elevaide users can access in exchange for Impact Points. They can access these points until they run out of them or the budget is exhausted. We will automatically convert Impact Points contributions into actual cash donations to a project. You’ll see the proceeds update on the project page immediately after you make your contribution.

We want everyone to be able to give.

Thanks to our sponsors and Impact Points, everyone can make a real contribution to a project without having to spend any money. That way, even those among us who aren’t so privileged as to have money to spare can still make a difference. By demonetizing donations through Impact Points, we want to empower everyone to drive change. After all, to create a better world, we all have to do our part.

With Impact Points, you’re actively helping. All you have to do is to take a deep dive into our content or promote your preferred elevaide projects. Take the time to learn about athletes, projects, non-profit organizations and SDGs or create a buzz in your social circles. It’s a win-win situation because the more people hear about elevaide, the more donations we’ll receive. With more donations, we can successfully finish more projects and create a better world, together.

Wofür bekomme ich wie viele Impact Points?

  • 10 Impact Points

    for liking a project.

  • 25 Impact Points

    the first time you subscribe to an elevaide newsletter.

  • 50 Impact Points

    for completing a quiz and getting all the answers right.

  • 50 Impact Points

    available once a month if you use the share button to spread the word about a project and bring more visitors to elevaide.

  • 50 Impact Points

    for each new user who registers at elevaide because you shared a project.

  • 50 Impact Points

    as a one-off bonus for logging onto elevaide ten days in a row.

  • 100 Impact Points

    for each visitor who makes a monetary donation because you shared a project.

  • 100 Impact Points

    available once a month if, by sharing a project, you bring more than 100 new visitors to elevaide.

  • Impact Points equal to five percent of the value of your donation

    as a thank-you for every donation you make.