elevaide principles

It's vital to us that your contribution reaches its target and has a positive impact. Beyond that, we want to make sure that athletes and sponsors find exactly the right projects at elevaide to reflect their values. That's why we work hard to make sure everything matches.

Pairing athletes and non-profit organisations

At elevaide, we only facilitate matches between athletes and non-profit organisations who share common values and goals. The athletes always take the initiative. In a workshop, we talk through their personal ambitions, visions and the social changes they would like to bring about. Based on what we’ve learned, we identify non-profit organisations who are committed to exactly the same goals and have proven to be impact-driven. We present the most compelling matches to the athletes. Ultimately, it’s up to them to decide which elevaide organisation(s) they would like to support.

Of course, some athletes are already passionate advocates for an organisation or have established their own. In such cases, we allow them to highlight their association with those organisations on elevaide.

Auditing non-profit organisations

We place a premium on ensuring that the money you donate to elevaide really makes a difference. That’s why we carefully vet all non-profit organisations before including them on elevaide. In addition to reviewing formal documents, such as tax exemption certificates, extracts from the register of companies/societies and articles of incorporation, we focus on transparency and impact. Key to this is ascertaining whether the organisation is a member of Transparency International and whether they can provide compelling evidence of how their work uplifts target groups. While we still accept organisations that do not meet these criteria to the letter, we make them aware of the need to improve in these areas and offer to actively support them in this endeavor going forward.

To find out the extent to which an organisation meets our assessment criteria, just go to the relevant organisation’s page. You will also find links to further information on our quality criteria for organisations there.

How elevaide GmbH and elevaide e.V. work hand in hand

We firmly believe that you should practice what you preach. That’s why we not only audit how transparent our non-profit organisations are, but also want you to have a clear understanding of who is behind elevaide.com – elevaide GmbH and the elevaide e.V non-profit organisation.

The limited liability company, elevaide GmbH, operates elevaide.com and is responsible for ensuring that the site runs smoothly. What’s more, elevaide GmbH enters into legal cooperation agreements with the businesses listed as partners on the platform. The company receives support from these partners in the form of either contributions in kind (e.g. hours worked) or financial assistance.

Whenever you, the users, our athletes or project partners make donations to an organisation, they go the elevaide e.V. NPO. All proceeds collected by our non-profit organisation – i.e. amounts donated minus any payment processing fees – are forwarded in full to the organisations behind the projects. The elevaide NPO does not retain a single cent nor is any of it funneled to our company. On the contrary, at the end of each year, elevaide GmbH assumes the administrative costs incurred by the NPO. Looking ahead, you will be able to learn in our annual reports how much money the elevaide non-profit organisation receives and to which organisations those funds are forwarded.

Be a part of it!

Together we can achieve more.

elevaide thrives on strong partnerships. Whether you are an athlete, an organisation or a sponsor, you too can play your part in making the world a better place. If you want to help, then get in touch. We will find exactly the right way for you. Become part of something big.