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Sport can make children happy and support them in their development. For this to succeed, we need to create structures in which they are protected and feel comfortable.

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Our goal

Sports fields, gyms and cabins are supposed to be safe spaces for children – but they are not! We want to use the Olympic and Paralympic Games to raise awareness and support the Kindernothilfe in its prevention-work with sports clubs.

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In Tokyo

Olympics & Paralympics
Max Hartung
Sabre fencing – 4x European Champion, World team champion
Michaela Staelberg
Rowing – European champion in the double four
Verena Schott
Para swimming – 2x World and European champion, Silver at Paralympics 2012

Away from Tokyo

When we – Max (sabre fencing), Verena (para swimming) and Michaela (rowing) – compete for medals at the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo (July 23rd to September 5th 2021), we will be on the sunny side of sports. We have qualified to represent our country at the world's biggest sporting event.

But sport also has its dark sides. A part that is talked about far too little is violence against children in sport clubs. Every young competitive athlete has experienced some form of sexual violence within the organised sports system, and one in nine has even experienced severe or prolonged sexual violence. Reliable findings on figures in popular sports are expected at the end of 2021/beginning of 2022. However, previous estimates assume that more than 200,000 children and young people have become victims of abuse in the sports system. We want to use the Tokyo Games to raise awareness of children's rights and child protection in sport and to get involved in Kindernothilfe e.V.'s work in this area.

Our projects

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The team

Get to know the athletes behind "We for safe sports"

Max Hartung

Sabre fencing

Abuse scandals have shaken the world of sport, but recently also German sports. I want the generations after me to find a safe space in sport where they can develop their sporting and personal potential.

Michaela Staelberg


I've been a competitive athlete all my life and know how much influence sport has on a person's personality. I feel responsible for using my voice to challenge existing structures on the subject of "safe sports" and to break up systems if necessary. "We for safe sports" is a great opportunity to do this.

Verena Schott

Para swimming

As a mother, I want a fair and worry-free world for children! I feel it is important for children to be able to express their opinions and to be heard, because this is the only way for them to grow and be happy! At the end of the day, what counts is that our children are happy.

Max Planer


Being able to move around in a safe club environment as a child had an enormous positive influence on my personal and sporting development. This should become a given for all young athletes.

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