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The Manuel Neuer Kids Foundation is my way of giving back—by providing young people with the kind of opportunities and prospects I benefited from in my youth.

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My goal

Every young person has the right to a self-determined life. The keys to that life are education, talent promotion and respectful interpersonal relationships. That’s why I’ve dedicated myself to these causes.

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On the field

FC Bayern München
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2014 FIFA World Cup winner, 2013 and 2020 UEFA Champions League winner, 2013 and 2020 FIFA Club World Cup winner, 9 x Bundesliga champion, 5 x DFB Cup winner, 5 x World Goalkeeper of the Year

Besides the field

As a footballer, I’ve achieved almost everything in sport I ever dreamed of. But what I’m most proud of is what I have accomplished off the field. As early as my school days in Gelsenkirchen, I saw how hard it was for my socially disadvantaged classmates. There was so much missing from their lives. Back then, I couldn’t do much to help, aside from sharing my sandwich.

When I turned pro, I knew I wanted to improve the lives of underprivileged kids by providing the kind of opportunities and prospects I benefited from in my youth. To that end, I set up the Manuel Neuer Kids Foundation at the age of 24. Our first MANUS children’s and youth center was built in 2014, directly opposite my old elementary school. There, the kids receive not only the affection and attention they need to get a good start in life but also a healthy meal every day—not just a sandwich. So, we’ve come full circle. In 2021, we opened a second MANUS in Bottrop.

From my base in Munich, I regularly play an active role in the foundation’s work and visit the MANUS as often as I can. Seeing how the young people there are thriving and growing makes me very happy.

My projects

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