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Our society faces many challenges. That’s why I get together with fans, organisations and partners to develop solutions that will change things for the better.

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My goal

Whatever their background, every child deserves to grow up surrounded by love and respect for their right to live out their dreams. That’s why I campaign for all children to be given equal opportunities in education and life so that they can reach their full potential.

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On the field

1. FC Union Berlin
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Besides the field

Football is naturally a big part of my life, but there’s a lot more to me and my interests than a love of the game. In conjunction with my sporting career, I earned a B.A. in business administration and business psychology in Hamburg, followed by an M.Sc. in business psychology in Bad Honnef. As a representative of two professional footballers’ associations, I also sit on the German football league (DFL) task force on the future of pro football and discuss with stakeholders from sport, business, politics and society how to take the game forward.

Even as a kid, personal growth and realizing dreams had a special place in my heart. Thanks to my parents’ support and my circumstances, I was and still am able to live my dream of playing professional football. In 2015, I founded the non-profit organisation In safe hands e.V. in order to help as many kids as possible realize their dreams and enjoy the love and respect they deserve.

My projects

Together with you, I want to make a difference supporting the following projects!

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    Supported organisation: In safe hands e.V.

    Bunter Ball

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