Purpose, vision & mission

Our ambitions, goals and way forward

We dream of a better world—one free from hunger, poverty, disease, exploitation, destruction and violence, where every living thing has the freedom to grow and flourish as nature intended.

To achieve this, we need a society that never fails to act responsibly and with due care and consideration—a society with no need for initiatives like elevaide.

Until we get that far, we’re forming communities on the basis of mutual values and goals to effect positive social change.

How it works

The elevaide principle

We want to join hands with all of you out there to make a difference. That’s why we work with select, trusted partners to ensure that our support and yours really moves the needle. We promise you that 100 percent of your net donation will benefit your chosen project. Only a tiny fraction is retained by the relevant payment service provider as a fee. Rest assured that elevaide does not—nor will it ever—hold on to a single cent of your donations.

To ensure that your support is genuinely put to good use, the charitable organisations listed here must provide a number of different supporting documents. We audit these in accordance with transparency and quality criteria and, wherever possible, make them available to you in the Organisations section. What’s more, if you go to the Projects section, we give you a transparent account of exactly how the proceeds collected are put to use. After all, we are aware that trust has to be earned.

Our philosophy

Playmakers — on the field and off it.

As a shared interest, sport is an important common ground that unites people from all walks of life. And when top athletes, fans and partners pull together, we can make a difference. Together, we can be what’s needed to create a different world. It starts with each and every one of us. We see ourselves as a team backed by many different supporters. Because we believe in the power of community and just know that sharing the load makes everything that much easier.

This is how we build communities that do good. And how we enable people to provide help—for other people, animals, the environment and wherever else it’s needed. We act on our firmly held principles to realize our dream of forging a kinder, better world for all, and for all time. That’s why we bring people together and get everyone pulling in the same direction to raise the standard of giving.

Us founders

How elevaide came to life

elevaide is the idea of Jennifer Walter, Jonas Ermes and Marc Werheid. As a former professional football player and founder of In safe Hands e.V., Jonas has long been aware of his exemplary function and social responsibility. Marc helps companies and football clubs to transform sustainably and consults them on corporate social responsibility. With other team members, they form ImpactbySports, where they advise athletes as well as non-profit organisations and bring them together on the basis of shared values. Together with the team of her own design and consulting agency BEJOND, Jenny brings insane ideas to life. We are the core of elevaide – but we can only make a difference together with our colleagues, partners and you!

Our name

What exactly does elevaide mean?

We coined our name as a portmanteau of three words:

elevaide elevates aid from aide(s) to a higher level.

It’s our way of saying we want to help you support important projects that drive positive change. More than that, it’s a call for you to get involved, join in, elevaide!



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